David M. Simon: Aggressive and Intelligent Legal Representation

Experience. Strategy. Results. These are not just words. They are the keys to success throughout the criminal justice process. And they are the words that David Simon lives by.


Mr. Simon’s experience working in the criminal justice system started even before he graduated from law school. He worked in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Early Case Assessment Bureau where he reviewed thousands of police investigations into misdemeanor and felony crimes and drafted complaints that began criminal proceedings. He also spent time working in the Office of the Chief Court Attorney in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan. There, he helped issue guidance to all Supreme Court judges in New York City’s Supreme Court regarding criminal procedure and substantive criminal law.

Upon graduating from Seton Hall University School of Law, Mr. Simon joined the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bars and began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. There, he was initially assigned to the Appeals Unit, where he handled more than 100 cases in the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In his time in the Appeals Unit, Mr. Simon honed his writing skills and gained in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania’s Post-Conviction Relief Act (“PCRA”) and PCRA petitions. After serving with distinction in the Appeals Unit for more than two years, Mr. Simon requested a transfer to the office’s trial unit.

In the trial unit, Mr. Simon rose from handling preliminary hearings and misdemeanor trials in Philadelphia Municipal Court, to handling major felony jury trials. Mr. Simon prosecuted violent crimes, such as attempted murders, aggravated assaults, robberies and burglaries, as well as drug crimes and violations of the Uniform Firearms Act (commonly referred to as “VUFA” offenses). During his time at the DA’s Office, Mr. Simon gained experience and insight into Grand Jury proceedings, motions to suppress and other pretrial motions, and extensive experience trying cases before juries.

After more than six years of service in the DA’s Office, Mr. Simon decided to start his own practice serving clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over the past three years, Mr. Simon has helped clients succeed at every stage of the criminal justice process, in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey courts.


Good trial lawyers and litigators often talk about their theory of a case that they intend to present to a jury. But a great criminal defense attorney knows that he has to use his theory of the case from the moment an investigation begins or a complaint is filed. If a lawyer waits until he is preparing for trial to formulate his strategy, then it is already too late.

Having worked with law enforcement to coordinate investigations, as well as drafting complaints, handling preliminary hearings, grand jury proceedings, and bail hearings, Mr. Simon knows that a client’s attorney needs to develop and implement a strategy immediately. At every step of the process, as a case begins, the prosecution and defense are working to bolster their case. And if your attorney is waiting to develop his strategy until trial, then he is missing an opportunity to help his client’s case. Mr. Simon knows that he needs to develop his case strategy from the moment he meets a prospective client. That way he can work to effectively weave his case theory into every aspect of the case.

Even after a case appears to be over, Mr. Simon has a strategy to win on appeal and on collateral attack. Clients looking to appeal their convictions are in a different posture than those awaiting trial. And Mr. Simon has years of experience navigating through the appellate process and utilizing his superb research and writing to implement an appellate strategy that will succeed. And when clients are seeking collateral attacks on their convictions – whether through the Post Conviction Relief Act (“PCRA”) in Pennsylvania, or Post-Conviction proceedings (“PCR”) in New Jersey, or habeas corpus proceedings in federal courts, Mr. Simon knows how to spot legal errors in clients’ cases and turn those errors into effective strategies to succeed in court.


Every case is unique. And every client has different expectations. You or your loved one may need a bail motion or release from pre-trial detainment. Or you may need an attorney willing to take a case to jury and get that not guilty verdict. Some people need an aggressive negotiator to work out the best possible plea agreement. Though every situation is different, Mr. Simon will use his experience and strategy to get you the result that you desire. Please contact us today to set up a free consultation.