A highly complicated practice area, appellate law requires tailored representation from a uniquely knowledgeable and skilled attorney. The Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC offers effective representation in appellate court, taking on incredibly challenging legal matters.

If you’re considering taking your criminal or civil case to the next step in the legal process, it behooves you to seek David Simon’s feedback. Upon consulting with the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC, you’ll feel far more prepared for the challenges you might encounter in the Superior Courts of Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

 How Appellate and Trial Courts Differ

Before you proceed with an appeals case, it’s important that you understand the many differences between appellate and trial courts. In trial courts, lawyers present evidence (often in the form of witness testimony), which they use to argue their client’s case. In appellate proceedings, lawyers focus on questions of law, rather than questions of fact. The ultimate goal is to determine whether the law was applied correctly in the previous trial court. Appellate judges make decisions based on arguments regarding how the law was applied in a specific case, and how it is supposed to be applied or interpreted.

 Why Turn to the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC?

Prior to moving forward with your appellate case, it’s imperative that you determine the wisdom of such proceedings. Remember, appellate cases do not focus on new evidence; they determine the correct application of law. When you meet with the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC, you’ll receive valuable feedback regarding your grounds for appeal. From there, David M. Simon will utilize his extensive understanding of legal policy to prove that the trial judge or jury applied the law incorrectly. His approach in appellate court differs extensively from his typical approach for criminal or litigation cases; by tailoring his representation for appellate proceedings, he is better able to present his argument and emerge victorious.

Don’t rely on just anybody to handle your appeal. Your attorney needs to be highly qualified. If you work with the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC, you can rest assured, knowing that your appellate lawyer has a long track record of success. Reach out today to learn more about David M. Simon’s background in appellate law and to discuss next steps for your case.