Criminal charges strike citizens throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These allegations leave the accused feeling terrified about their future. In the midst of such an ordeal, it’s important to work with a skilled attorney who understands the intricacies of the local legal system.

The Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC is a valuable resource; criminal defense attorney David Simon offers effective representation for a variety of clients. His efforts have helped many avoid harsh criminal penalties; and he’s eager to continue his mission to defend those in need of legal aid.

Common Repercussions For Alleged Offenders in Camden and Philadelphia

As an alleged criminal offender, you face a variety of harsh consequences, some of which extend far beyond the criminal justice system. If sentenced, you’ll likely be required to pay extensive fines — even if you were charged with a petty misdemeanor. Community service hours are also quite common for alleged misdemeanor offenders. Depending on the severity of your supposed crime, time behind bars could be in your future.

Unfortunately, your problems may not end upon completing a harsh criminal sentence. Your damaged criminal record could cause a variety of issues in your everyday life, making it far more difficult to find a desirable job or housing. Although employers are technically not supposed to discriminate based on criminal history, many continue to do so.

Your best chance of avoiding the penalties outlined above is to work with an aggressive criminal defense attorney. The Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC could play a key role in either reducing your sentence or avoiding criminal repercussions altogether.

The Importance of Aggressive Defense

Your attorney should fight zealously on your behalf through all stages of the criminal justice process. Aggressive defense could determine the difference between a dismissed case and a lengthy sentence. It should always be clear that your attorney has your back. When you work with the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC you can take solace in knowing that your attorney is firmly on your side.

You can’t afford to tackle the criminal justice process without strong legal defense. Look to the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC for zealous support through all phases of your criminal case. You will never regret working with one of Philadelphia and Camden’s most respected criminal lawyers.