Despite your best efforts in criminal court, you were convicted of a crime and sentenced accordingly. For many, the criminal process ends with sentencing, with the alleged offender ultimately admitting defeat and serving his or her sentence. Others, however, choose to proceed with post-conviction efforts in the hopes of achieving justice.

Due to the complex nature of post-conviction proceedings, it is absolutely crucial that you seek representation from a lawyer with a track record of success. The Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC is an excellent resource to turn to at this difficult time. You’ll receive in-depth counsel and aggressive representation from an attorney who works tirelessly to serve your best interests.

Grounds for Post-Conviction Relief

Grounds for post-conviction relief differ somewhat from one state to the next, so it’s important that you work with a lawyer who clearly understands available grounds in your region.

In Pennsylvania, grounds for relief are outlined in the Post-Conviction Relief Act. These include:

  • Significant constitutional violations
  • Obstruction from the government of the right to appeal
  • The guilty plea of a probably innocent person that was unlawfully enacted
  • Recently discovered evidence not available at the previous trial
  • Ineffective assistance from an attorney during a previous trial

Grounds for relief are similar in New Jersey, where they are governed under the New Jersey Court Rule 3:22. Rule 3:22 also outlines parameters for PCR cases.

Habeas Corpus

In addition to presenting PCR cases on the grounds outlined above, the Law Office of David M. Simon offers habeas corpus representation at the federal level. Habeas corpus proceedings are intended to determine whether an individual’s detention is lawful. The Law Office of David M. Simon can help you determine whether it is possible or advisable to file a writ of habeas corpus on your behalf.

The Role of the Post-Conviction Attorney: How the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC Can Help

Success in post-conviction cases hinges on the lawyer’s extensive understanding of the legal system. In addition to exhibiting in-depth knowledge surrounding post-conviction matters, lawyers must demonstrate great attention to detail. One overlooked detail could completely derail an otherwise solid case. Lawyers can leave no stones unturned in their quest for justice.

If you demand zealous representation from a highly skilled post-conviction lawyer, you can benefit greatly from working with the Law Office of David M. Simon, LLC. Reach out today to learn more about your post-conviction options.